Opinions, values and perspectives are subjective and represent a plethora of viewpoints. I simply want to convey some thoughts, which will be shared by some and shunned by others, regarding political information. All quotations are direct excerpts published by the Conservative Club of Tellico. My intention is not to “inform or remind” but to express my perspective of the appropriateness of such communication in The Connection.

The Connection provides Tellico Village coverage of local news, entertainment, meetings, celebrations, etc. The publication does not cover national or international news. Other newspapers in the area cover those topics. The Connection describes itself as … a weekly free distribution newspaper with the most comprehensive local news and advertising in the community of Tellico Village.

It is disheartening that a special interest group is using the newspaper to espouse political rhetoric.

I never had much political passion. It was not a factor when choosing to retire here. The full-page infomercial, “Welcome to Beautiful Tennessee,” listed reasons about “What you love about Tennessee and why you moved here.” The "reasons" were politically polarizing viewpoints. An editorial comment, “We aren’t going away,” sounded like a veiled threat.

Potentially polarizing commentary has no place in The Connection. The newspaper is not a bully pulpit for political viewpoints. This sullies the purpose of it being the "go to" publication for our community. Other publications and venues are more appropriate for this dialogue.

I have differing opinions about the topics in the articles. In the spirit of good will toward my fellow Villagers, I will limit sharing my opinions to the realm of like-minded people, not misusing The Connection as the means to do so.

Respectfully, I hope others will choose to do the same.

Jan Dougherty

Tellico Village