July 24 is the eighth anniversary of the ribbon cutting on the Wellness Center. It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since we finished construction and opened the doors on one of the most used and beloved amenities here in Tellico Village.

The Wellness Center project began in 2004 when the Tellico Village Property Owners Association established the Facility Task Force. This group of Villagers and staff looked at numerous potential projects and landed on a list of more than a dozen improvement and expansion opportunities for our amenities.

The shining star of that list resulted in the Wellness Center.

Several Villagers at the time asked, “Why build now?” From what resulted, I think the resounding answer has turned out to be a fantastic success. How do I know? Let’s look inside the numbers:

  • Twenty-five land and water exercise classes a week were offered initially. We are now up to 53 classes a week.
  • Twenty-four Tellico Tarpons swim meets have been held at the indoor pool.
  • The Wellness Center has seen 960,000 Villager visits since 2007, and 42,000 guest visits have been recorded since 2007.

That’s more than 1 million visits in the eight years since we opened the doors.

Not only has the building acted as a haven for wellness-minded Villagers, it has become a catalyst for other wellness activities up on the hill. We now have four heavily utilized Har-Tru tennis courts. We opened the beautiful eight-court pickleball complex in June 2014. This year, we have completed the very popular 0.5-mile walking trail around the property.

Who knows what the next eight years will bring as we continue to see the popularity of the Wellness Center drive improvements and expansions. Congratulations to all the Villagers who had the vision to build it and to all the Villagers who enjoy the Wellness Center every day.

POA needs volunteers

The POA will begin accepting applications for volunteers to fill seats on several of the advisory committees beginning in September.

If you are interested in serving the community by sitting on one of the committees, application packets are available at the POA administrative building. I encourage anyone thinking about serving on a committee to attend a committee meeting or two over the next couple of months to see how the process works here in Tellico Village.

Schedules of committee meetings may be found in The Connection, on Channel 3 or in the Tell-E-Gram. Minutes from past committee meetings may be found on the POA website on the committee page.

Applications will be accepted until Oct. 1. Later in October, managers will schedule meetings with applicants to put the best folks on the committee that matches their expertise and fills a need for the POA. The POA Board of Directors will approve and install new committee members at the December board meeting.

Budget meetings coming

It’s that time of year again — time for budget meetings as the POA staff begins the process of looking at the 2016 budget and five-year plan. The first budget meeting is not until September, but August is the month the individual departments start looking at budgetary items with their committees.

We always encourage interested Villagers to attend committee meetings.

The entire budget meeting calendar will be posted in the Tell-E-Gram and on the website in August. Expect to see that meeting calendar in an August edition of The Connection as well.

Winston Blazer is general manager with the Tellico Village Property Owners Association.