The Tellico Village Property Owners Association Board of Directors in November adopted an updated long-range plan prepared by the Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee that replaces the previous 2010 plan.

Starting in January, the LRPAC has shifted attention from preparing the new plan to implementing near-term goals. To facilitate planning that spans a period of 6-20 years, the team is actively working on a number of short-term goals for 2020.

• Joint board and LRPAC review — The committee’s first goal was to kick the year off by conducting a joint review and goal setting workshop with the board. This workshop took place in January and identified the near-term elements of the plan the board could focus on for 2020.

• New mission statement, core values and guiding principles — In conjunction with the new long-range plan, in 2019 the board adopted a new vision for the community. Tellico Village is to be a dynamic, engaging community, meeting the changing needs of property owners in a fiscally responsible manner, resulting in a lifetime of well-being. Along with this new vision, the board asked the committee to review and update the existing mission and statements of core values and guiding principles. Those statements have been drafted and are pending approval by the board.

• Track and report near-term recommendations progress — In the spirit of transparency and accountability, the committee has a goal to track and report to the board the progress toward the near-term elements of the plan on a quarterly basis.

• Revise projections to include 2019 performance — The plan adopted in 2019 was based on then-available data. For 2020, the committee established a goal to update the plan based on newly available data, including year-end 2019 performance data that might modify future projections.

• Find and review master plan documentation — Over the years several master plans have been prepared to guide development of the Village. Some of these past plans may no longer be applicable. The committee has set a goal to identify and review any prior or existing master development plans.

• Assist POA departments’ long-term plans — Each department of the POA prepares its own plan primarily focused on the existing and coming year end budget. The committee has agreed to work with each POA department to help in the development of standardized long-range plans that identify business needs and align with the overall long-term plan adopted by the board.

• Review inputs to the strategic plan for changes requiring revision — Because conditions are always changing and predicting the future is problematic, all long-range plans start becoming out of date as soon as the ink dries. The committee has a goal to review inputs into the plan and update as needed. Two examples of this are COVID-19 and Asian carp, issues that were not identified when the last plan was prepared.

• Recommend key performance metrics for Tellico Village — To assist the board with a scorecard on the performance of the Village, the committee will review and recommend key performance metrics. While some of these, especially fiscal metrics, already exist, there may be opportunities to establish other measurements, such as member satisfaction.

• Review community center feasibility — One holdover from the long-range plan prepared in 2010 was to study the feasibility of a community center. The committee has set a goal to determine whether there is sufficient need for a community center and, if so, set out to establish requirements and conduct a feasibility study.

While the long-range plan has been updated, there remains significant work in implementing the plan and keeping it up to date. The committee meets twice each month to keep the plan alive and promote progress toward the elements identified in the plan.

The public meeting of the LRPAC occurs at 9 a.m. the fourth Thursday of each month. Under current COVID-19 restrictions, meetings are held virtually, and residents can participate via Zoom. A link can be found in the Tell-E-Gram.