Fun exercise opportunities in the Village

Members of the Cardio Dance Class at the Tellico Village Wellness Center during a workout.

Why would anyone get to a class and exercise at 7:15 a.m.?

Because it is so much fun, and it makes you feel great all day long.

The Cardio Dance Class is taught by Genese Kerns at the Wellness Center in Tellico Village. It involves a gentle, total-body warm-up and moves to dance-based aerobic movements to music that motivate the dancers. No prior dancing experience is required. All movements can be performed with low to high impact energy steps based on a student’s individual ability. This is followed by varied resistance and weight training routines for total body balance, stretching and flexibility.

The music in the class is upbeat. Students can be heard singing along and seen doing impromptu spins. Kerns encourages the fun atmosphere by calling out when to join in and shout. Her high energy personality brings everyone alive. They exercise in a large fitness classroom that houses dozens of fitness classes every week and features flooring that is kind to your joints.

The other fun fitness classes at the Wellness Center include Aerobics, Yoga, Footloose Line Dancing, Pilates, Fit and Tone, Tai Chi and Zumba. Each exercise class gives you the opportunity to have fun, get out of the house and get fit. You can choose the exercise style that fits your needs or personality.

The only requirement is that you buy a recreation membership or pay the guest fee. The Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art, 27,000-square-foot facility. Tellico Village property owners and their guests are welcome and encouraged to utilize everything the recreation facilities have to offer.

Six- and 12-month memberships are available to all property owners or daily user fees and guest passes can be purchased. Come out and play with the residents of Tellico Village — the place for grownup play.

Ellen Frohriep is a Tellico Village resident.