Following are recent property transactions recorded in the Loudon County Register of Deeds office:

Dec. 11

• William Richard Burcham and France Lynn Burcham, trustees of the Burcham Family Wealth Trust, to Marcus E. Malais and Wendy A. Malais, trustees of the Marcus E. and Wendy A. Malais Revocable Trust, warranty deed, District 4, Rarity Bay, phase XI, lot 1010, $38,000.

• Ernest D. Ashburn and Faye W. Ashburn to Vadym Onufreychuk, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Greens, lot 8, block 9, $20,000.

• Christine D. Allan and Jeffrey Allan to Stacy Barclay, warranty deed, District 3, 14.97 acres, $535,000.

• Virginia G. Nash, trustee of the Virginia G. Nash Living Trust, to John C. Masser and Rhonda J. Masser, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Point, lot 7, block 6, $895,000.

• James L. Elliott and Janet L. Elliott to David M. Gross and Alora L. Gross, warranty deed, District 1, Mialaquo Coves, lot 16, block 8, $670,000.

• Loraine T. Langlois to Guadelupe Gonzalez Zavala, Ignacia Gonzalez Ledesma and Luis E. Gonzalez Gonzalez, warranty deed, District 2, Lenoir City, lots 11 and 12, block 33, section 5, $59,500.

• AKJ LLC to Farron Bolton, warranty deed, District 1, Chatuga Coves, lot 5, block 7, $3,800.

• A. Nell H. Stallsworth, Alice N. Stallsworth and Willard L. Hubbard to John Everett Rausin and Cynthia D. Rausin, warranty deed, District 5, Eaton Village, phase 2, lot 18, $236,000.

• Bruce A. Smith and Cynthia Smith to Jason L. Fein and Amy E. Fein, warranty deed, District 1, Tanasi Coves, lot 6, block 6, $774,000.

• Sarah Margaret Quillen Clayton and Jacqueline Katherine Ballard to Randall J. McNabb, Patricia McNabb, Paul Steven Fritts and Scarlett Leaanna Fritts, warranty deed, District 2, 1.70 acres, Clayton Quillen, lot 2, $100,000.

• Susan Elkins Fox and Stephen Charles Fox to Owen James III and Jena James, warranty deed, District 1, $230,000.

Dec. 12

• Faher Cabbad to AKJ LLC, warranty deed, District 1, Mialaquo Coves, lot 28, block 4, $1,500.

• Prima Properties LLC to Donald Burik and Stacie Burik, warranty deed, District 1, Chota Hills, lot 3, block 8, $10,000.

• WR Development Corporation to Raymond J. Papera and Ellen M. Papera, warranty deed, District 3, WindRiver, phase 4, lot 352, $608,900.

• John Justin Kennedy to Next Gen Home Buyers LLC, warranty deed, District 2, Lenoir City, lots 13 and 14, block 22, section 1, $159,000.

• Edwin T. Loy Jr., to Michael W. Wilson, warranty deed, District 2, Carrington, lot 59R, $38,000.

• Wendi Johnson, executor, Wendi Potluri, executor, and Anthony Sharon Jeniece Anthony, deceased, to Bradley Jay Ledford, warranty deed, District 5, Cordova, phase I, lot 2, $150,000.

• City of Loudon to Jeffrey Vanhoose, warranty deed, District 1, 1.45 acres, lot 1, $150,000.

• Roman Izyayev and Neera Adora to Peter Prachthauser and Michelle Prachthauser, warranty deed, District 1, Chota Hills, lot 4, block 12, $8,000.

Dec. 13

• Timothy D. Padgett, sub trustee, Padgett Law Group, sub trustee, David T. Ingram and Sharon D. Ingram to U.S. Bank National Association, trustees deed, District 2, .3478 acres, $56,490.25.

• Mark T. White and John C. Schubert to Walter J. Reeder and Mary Ellen Reeder, warranty deed, District 2, Stone Harbor, unit 3, lot 78, $92,000.

• Kaileb T. Skinner and Tara L. Skinner to Samuel C. Curtis and Whitney A. Curtis, warranty deed, District 4, $193,900.

Dec. 16

• CS Holdings LLC to Village Homes LLC, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Hills, lot 14, block 16, $3,800.

• AKJ LLC to James R. Burkholder and Lynn E. Burkholder, trustees of the Burkholder Living Trust, warranty deed, District 1, Chota Hills, lot 9, block 9, $5,000.

• CS Holdings LLC to Frank J. Sus III and Shelly Sus, warranty deed, District 1, Mialaquo Point, lot 7, block 27, $3,800.