Visitors perused table after table stacked with books over the weekend at the Community Church at Tellico Village for the 25th annual Friends of the Tellico Village Library book sale.

The sale serves as the Friends’ largest fundraiser.

Money brought in goes to operational costs and the library’s mortgage from the property secured in 2012 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“It’s very important for us because the Friends of the Tellico Village, these kind of fundraisers support the operational for the library,” Jim Devers, Friends treasurer, said. “It keeps the lights on, so it’s very important for us, and I think on top of that what I’m hearing from people here, they’re happy to get books. They’re readers.

“So they’re coming in here, and it’s just a bargain to get a hardcover book for $2 or a paperback for $1. I’m also seeing a lot of people like puzzles too today,” he added.

Visitors navigated the sale Thursday-Saturday and had their pick of puzzles, audio books, games and about 20,000 hardback and paperback books. Hopes were to have at least 15,000 books.

“I think it’s a big statement,” Devers said of book donations. “If you think about it, what’s interesting is they’re rabid readers and then they bring the books back and donate them back to the library and then they get recycled somewhat back into another sale. I think the real key is just the passion people have here.”

Preparation for next year begins almost immediately after the sale ends. Devers considered it a year-round effort.

“There is just an amazing number of volunteer hours that go into this,” Terri Seavey, Friends volunteer, said. “We will start taking in books next week for next year’s sale. The books are not saved year to year. Everything that isn’t sold here will be given to charity. We probably take in 35,000-40,000 books.

“Many of them are given to charity or recycled during the year, and then we have about 20,000 for the sale,” she added.

Barbara Ellerbrock’s volunteered time was twofold Friday, as she served as a Friends member and as a member of GWFC Tellico Village Women’s Club. She was one of a few from the club helping as a cashier and sorting books.

The sale was one way the group has helped in the community, along with the upcoming November Home Tour and supporting organizations like Iva’s Place, Good Samaritan Center of Loudon County and Kids First Child Advocacy Center of the Ninth Judicial District.

“I’ve been working the library for three years, the library sale for three years, and it’s just such an important thing to do. It’s a great fundraiser,” Ellerbrock said. “… They’re just such great bargains. And the other fun thing about it is that you get to see people throughout the Village who come in here.”

Cathy Enderle, with a stack of books in hand, made her way to the front to purchase her selections. It was one of two stacks she picked Friday.

“It’s a favorite thing to do for me. It’s one of my favorites,” Enderle said. “Well, I love to read and I love to get the good price that they have here, and I love to support the library.”

For Enderle, the book sale is a positive in several ways.

“Reading, prices, supporting the library,” she said.

The sale brought in a little more than $9,000, Devers said.