It’s fall and that means it’s time to make your annual contribution to the United Way of Loudon County campaign.

The campaign will use several social media sites — Nextdoor, Tellico Life and the Tell-E-Gram — to present facts that will show how donations support the needs of residents of Tellico Village as well as greater Loudon County in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Through a deliberative two-step process, the United Way board selects partner agencies and determines the amount of funds allocated to each agency. The first step — agency partner selection — picks organizations whose missions satisfy critical needs in the focus areas of education, health and financial stability and basic needs and have the broadest reach to those in need within the county.

After agencies submit funding requests, the second step is a face-to-face session between the board, volunteers and agency representatives where each request is reviewed to ensure funds will be used for their intended purpose and will help county residents solve quality-of-life issues. Only then are funds granted to the partner agency.

This process performs the due diligence donors would conduct. Several tools will be employed to further assist you in making your donation decision. The first will be a series of weekly posts discussing partner agencies and how they use the funds.

The second is a group on Nextdoor that will facilitate discussion about United Way Loudon County and its campaign and hopefully answer questions. Members of Nextdoor may access the link to the 2019 United Way campaign group at

The third is a hot link that can be used to make donations using a credit card.

Like last year, the goal will be $100,000 for this year’s campaign. Hopefully, however, we will make it this year. Last year more than 50 percent of the residents in Kahite donated to United Way; in the main Village it was 17 percent.

These are the three ways to donate. The simplest way is to make credit card donation at Pledge.jsp. Other ways include using the payment form you will be receiving in the mail or, if you have not made your Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA, contacting your financial advisor and use it to make a donation.

A contribution to United Way is an excellent and simple way to help residents of Loudon County deal with life-altering issues affecting their everyday lives. Thank you for your support.

Dick Kolasheski is a Tellico Village resident who serves on the United Way of Loudon County Board of Directors.

Dick Kalasheski is a Tellico Village resident who serves on the United Way of Loudon County Board of Directors.