After months of work, more than 200 pieces of art were put on display Friday-Sunday at the Community Church at Tellico Village for the Art Guild of Tellico Village’s Spring Art Show.

The annual show featured 61 artists from various forms of media — paint, photography, sculpture and more.

“It gives us, as members, a chance to not only display our own work but to see the work of our fellow members that maybe we don’t see that at a meeting,” Tutt Hoy, guild president, said. “We get to share our work with each other, and then we share with the community. We had over 1,000 people attend the show in two and a half days. It’s a nice way to let the community know what we’re doing.”

Work began on the show earlier in the year, and volunteers did everything from arranging displays to preparing food for a Friday night reception.

“I can’t say right off the bat how many people actively participated, but we have about 110 members, and I would imagine 80 percent of the members, maybe more, had something to do with making this work,” Hoy said.

This year’s show was the first for Jack Retterer, who displayed some of his photography. He has only been part of the guild for a few months but has found the group welcoming and full of talent.

He enjoyed getting the chance to see people react to the art on display over the weekend.

“Any feedback I get is very much enjoyed,” Retterer said. “I enjoy seeing people enjoying art, whether it’s somebody else’s art or mine. That kind of look on their face when their comment is like, ‘Wow,’ I think that’s great. You’re giving people a gift — a positive experience in life.”

For Linn Stilwell, this year’s show was her second displaying watercolors.

“I love the diversity. I love the degree of talent that’s displayed in this show. It’s amazing,” she said. “... It is amazing to me how many different kinds of art is displayed here — sculpture, photography, photography printed on canvas, on metal and now paintings done on metal for a sub-strata. Very, very cool. The diversity in sculpture is really top notch I would say.”

Stilwell moved to the area from New England and has found the artistic culture outstanding.

“It’s really cool to be in a part of the country where there’s such a diversity in art, and there’s such appreciation for art and music and all of that,” she said. “It’s a real treat to see people enjoy art the way they do here.”

Pat and John Ezell came by the show Sunday morning to see the works on display.

The couple saw the event advertised and felt it would be a good opportunity to patronize fellow Villagers while supporting a friend who was part of the show.

“A lot of creativity and talent here in the Village, and some varied art forms that I’ve not been familiar with,” Pat said. “Some of the work on metal is interesting to see.”

But they weren’t surprised by the variety of talent on display.

“There’s a lot of talent here in the Village,” John said. “We’ve seen that in other fields — the singers, the clubs that are out here. … This is an active area, an active community. This just demonstrates that with the diversity that’s here.”

“It’s another example of all the talent that’s out here,” Pat added.