A group of women gather Fridays at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church to socialize and work on sometimes lengthy scrapbook projects.

The Tellico Village Scrapbook Group is currently small with only about 12 active members, but it has had as many as 20 over its roughly 10 years of existence, Linda Goodman, group coordinator, said.

“We’re real loose. We’re not structured at all,” Goodman said. “People come in and they just do what they want to do with their scrapbook, and we help each other out if they need it.”

The group is “very laid back,” Goodman said with a laugh.

Scrapbook enthusiasts bring their own material, sit in a room at the church and talk scrapbooking but also life.

“We get ideas from each other, we bounce off, we try new products, that kind of thing,” Goodman said. “We do go on field trips, we have retreats. We’re getting ready to have a retreat now in March where we go and rent a house and scrap for three days.”

While the group may have started out just scrapbooking, over the years it has grown into something more as members got closer.

“We feel like we’ve grown up with each other’s kids, the grandkids who we were just talking about getting married, and I remember when they were 3, and she just started scrapbooking, that kind of thing,” Goodman said.

That’s an aspect Sue Brackenridge has enjoyed about the Tellico Village Scrapbook Group since she joined 10 years ago.

“It’s just personal, every scrapbook, and we enjoy it for that reason,” she said. “A lot of people nowadays do scrapbooking online, they do the digital, but all of us do the hand pasting and that type of thing.”

Physically creating a book is more rewarding, she said.

“It’s history. It’s preserving family,” Goodman said. “Most of the trip albums are just for ourselves, but when we do the family and the heritage — one of the girls is working on heritage right now. It’s nice to go back. You’ve got your genealogy, but now you have a picture as well as just the family trees and so forth, and the same thing I’m doing it for my daughter so she’ll see, and my grandkids, and that kind of thing. It’s saving memories, not making it all go away.”

Linda Claggett joined in December 2016 after moving to Tellico Village from Virginia.

“What’s appealing to me is I’m a major picture taker and it’s just being able to sort them, and I have thousands of pictures,” Claggett said. “It brings back all the memories of your kids raised and your family.

“So now ever since I’ve been here I’ve been working on one for my husband, and it’s up to 82 pages now, which I had no idea,” she added with a laugh.

The Tellico Village Scrapbook Group meets at 9:30 a.m. Fridays at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church. There is no fee to join, although Goodman said members are asked to give $1 to give to the church. For more information, contact Goodman at 865-408-1178 or goodman_linda@charter.net.

“Every week we just love it,” Brackenridge said. “… We’re almost like a family.”